Benefits of Using Handbag Totes

For many women the question of what size bag to carry is a very serious one.  If you choose one that’s too small then you don’t have enough room for all the things that you need to carry around with you all day, but if you choose one that’s too large then you constantly have to dig through it and it takes forever to find what you need. So what is the best size bag to carry everyday?  Handbag totes. (more…)

Womens Handbag Fashion Has Come A Long Way

Womens handbag fashion has gone from portraying elegance, simplicity and grace over the years to a  much brighter, bold, extravagant and sexy look in today’s handbag fashion.

If you have ever had an interest in antique clothing, fashion and styles from previous era’s, you will know why I have a  great deal of admiration and respect for great designer’s throughout history.