For many women the question of what size bag to carry is a very serious one.  If you choose one that’s too small then you don’t have enough room for all the things that you need to carry around with you all day, but if you choose one that’s too large then you constantly have to dig through it and it takes forever to find what you need. So what is the best size bag to carry everyday?  Handbag totes. Handbag totes are large enough to carry the essentials that you need to take with you everyday like makeup, hairbrush, water bottle, a sack lunch or a snack, an extra sweater or scarf, and of course your wallet and cell phone, perfect job for totes.

When I go out to run errands I almost always carry a handbag tote because I usually have letters or small packages that need to be dropped off, grocery lists or other items that just don’t fit in a regular size handbag.  As an added bonus handbag totes have enough room to carry your items if you have to make a quick stop at the store. That way you don’t need to carry anything but totes.  In the winter totes are great because a pair of nice shoes in a plastic baggie will just fit inside so that you can wear boots when you need to and still have a nice pair of shoes with you for the office , handbag totes fit the bill.

You can find lots of handbag totes in various different styles, sizes and colors. I like to keep handbag totes in the car in case I’m stuck without a bag and one in my desk too in case I need to bring work home from the office. If you have a handy laptop sleeve to give your laptop some extra protection you can even slip your laptop inside the handbag totes and skip the laptop bag. One of my favorite handbag totes  can be found here…Jessica Jensen Authentic Tote,Tan,one size