Handbags have always been the target of many thieves from around the world. Just take a look at what many women today carry around with them in their handbag. A lot of women carry items such as iPods, cell phones, cameras and even their lap tops. Is it any wonder that we need to be a little more cautious and careful with keeping our handbag safe from thieves.

Just imagine the cost if we had to go out and replace everything that was in our handbag if it were stolen. What a nightmare! Not only would we be out the money that was in our handbags, but the replacement cost of buying all the new items could be enormous. Imagine all the headaches of calling around to all our credit card companies to cancel our cards. Waiting for them to re-issue  new cards can be quite stressful, especially if we depend on cards such as our interact card. Boy would that ever be a hassle…

But wait, that’s not all, we would likely have to get our driver’s license re-issued, keys to our house and car re-cut, then go out and buy all that make up that we loved all over again.

By the time we were done replacing these items I am sure the cost to us would be in the hundreds. That’s just for replacing the contents of our handbags. Now we have to go out and purchase new handbags. Factor in the cost of  new handbags and our loss is even greater.

I was just reading somewhere the other day that you can actually get content insurance for your handbag. Boy was I surprised…not that it’s a bad idea, it had just never crossed my mind before that I would need any insurance for my handbags.

However, I was also just as surprised and shocked to find out that some of the handbags out there on the market cost the same amount as a car and have cost as much as a house! I could not believe my eyes.

Whatever… the real cost of your handbags are what it would mean to you if you lost your purse and had to replace it’s contents. Keep your eyes on your handbags, especially if you are in a place where you don’t know a lot of the people around you.

I would just be devastated if I had one of my handbags stolen!